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For all the people saying that Neymar will be a bad captain, I swear toGOD don’t you fucking dare ever call yourself a Neymar fanif you can’t be here for him now, just proves how much you “loveee” him. Don’t you dare say you’re a “huge…

Football is so much more about publicity and ££££ than it is with mental experience.

Psychologists exist for a reason, sports psychologists. Neymar is an international branded face, his role as captain at worst is going to be just another brand investment.
Awkward posting this because my knowledge of football is limited purely to the World Cup and that’s it.

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A clash of cultures has truly been exposed to me.
Before it was to a childish mind.
Then it was to a confused teenage mind.
Now it’s a matured and critical mind that rejects certain ‘truths’ for western ideals.
I can’t help that I believe in very libertarian values.
I’ve learnt to speak about helping those in poverty is different to actually doing it.
The caste system works so cruelly.
Individualism is a life saver.
This place can’t cope with the cost of globalisation.

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Some souls were born into this world, not for this world, but for heaven. They spend their time on this planet purifying those around them.

That is their role. That is their test. That is their destiny. That is the blessing in disguise for those around them.


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izumikurta12 said: HIIIIIII!!!!!!!!! Watcha doin right now!!!! me? stuck in boredom!

Drinking horlicks! Yum ☺️☺️Wbu?

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