Some souls were born into this world, not for this world, but for heaven. They spend their time on this planet purifying those around them.

That is their role. That is their test. That is their destiny. That is the blessing in disguise for those around them.


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izumikurta12 said: HIIIIIII!!!!!!!!! Watcha doin right now!!!! me? stuck in boredom!

Drinking horlicks! Yum ☺️☺️Wbu?

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The very fact Israel are excusing themselves for murdering civilians by labelling them as ‘human shields’ shows just how fickle and useless they have of a reason. No human should be looked at as a ‘shield’, a protection barrier made to take bullets and fend them off. It tries to give a simple ultimatum, which is not the case. We’re trying to bomb your soldiers but can’t because you’ve put ‘human shields’ in the way? I’m sorry, but when you take an offensive against us did you expect there to be no human casualty? Blame the deaths of over 600 and goodness knows what other hidden numbers on the idea Hamas are putting civilians in line of fire? 
Maybe these civilians are trying to protect what little land you had stolen away from them through your ‘promise land’ fetish. Excuse me whilst I go and vomit anything left of pride for humans. 

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